3 Great Tips for Successful Prospecting


Many people want people to join their coaching program or network marketing business but a huge part in the success of their business is prospecting. After talking to someone on my team who was having some trouble prospecting I decided to created a list of ideas that anyone can use to make more income in their business. 



1. Track Your Numbers Consistently-It is so important to write numbers down and keep them in a safe place. Write a list of the number of people that you are talking to daily. Set a goal of how many people to interact with daily. If it is three people, then stick to three and track it each day. Some people track messages left, social media posts, presentations, follow up calls and more. The key is to put everything on paper for easy review later.



2. Follow Up Quickly- I can not tell you how many times people have been upset because someone they had previously talked to had joined with someone else. Many times people will join the person that they have the greater connection with. If someone is not connecting with them then the possibility of a new prospect joining another person increases drastically. The business owners who consistently follow up are the ones who have the greatest income. There is money in the follow up.



3.  Show that you are a Leader & Leverage Your Leadership-People do not join companies, they join people. If you are not positioning yourself as a leader then you just may get overlooked time and time again.


Work more on yourself than you work on anything else. Read the books, go to the conferences and listen to the cds. Do things daily that will help your mindset to shift to a place of leadership. Place your prospects in front of other leaders on your team. They are leaders within the company for a reason. Leverage their knowledge.  Many people will complain about not having success but they have never done a 3 way call with their upline. 



There is work involved in prospecting but anything worth having requires work. Do the best that you can 100% of the time to have continued success. You were born to win, so do the things that will help you to win!


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