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I surrender! I surrender! I surrender all! 


In my time of worship this morning, I asked God what he wanted me to speak to you about and the answer was complete surrender. 


Something shifts in your life when you allow God to take full control of your life. If you are like me at times you have tried to help God at some point along the way; however God can do the things that we can not do. 


We fail when we attempt to do things in our own strength. One day one of my students wanted to help me with a tray. I told her that it would be too heavy for her but she still tried to lift it. Of course she could not and she looked at me with those beautiful, brown eyes of embarrassment. Then I gave her a book and my pen. I had in my hand and asked her to carry it for me instead. The book was perfect for her small hands and she carried it well. She did drop my pen but quickly picked it up 🙂


My point is that many times in our lives we are trying to carry things in our own strength that we should not even be trying to carry. Give it ALL to God because God cares for YOU! 


This is the time in your life that no move that you make should be without God's instruction. God always gives you the best instruction and wisdom & that is why God is my mentor. 


I want to encourage YOU today to know that God wants you to be all in with him and not just half way in and half way out. When you trust someone you give them your all. Do the same thing with God. Trust God enough to give Him your all. 

Prayer (Read aloud): God, I am tired of trying to do things my way. I fully recognize your thoughts are higher and you know what you are doing. God I trust you. I give up my will for yours, Jesus. Have your way in my life. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.


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