How to Lead Without Fear




Starting a business is not an easy thing to do. Being successful in business requires learning a new skill set and following through on things. One of the biggest obstacles that people have to overcome is how to lead without fear.


Many times before starting a home business or any other kind of business people go from having a boss that tells them what to do every step of the way to being their own boss in business. It can be quite an adjustment.



Having a fear is natural. Of course, God does not give us the spirt of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Still fear manages to creep in from time to time.


The fear is not necessarily the problem but it is all wrapped into how you deal with the fear. Do not allow fear to take over your business or life. YOU have to put fear in its place. 



Even if you feel fear, do it anyway. Doing is the only way you will be able to jump across that hurdle of fear. When I first started my business one of my biggest fears was video marketing. Now it does not bother me as much. Why? Because I felt the fear and did it anyway! 



Your biggest success is outside of your comfort zone. Most fear happens when you think about things in the past or in the future. Live in the present and many times the fear will just cease.


Most of the things that we may worry about happening, never happens. Do not waste precious time in fear and worry. It is not worth it. 



If God has called you to join me in business, let's do it! If God has called you to become a doctor, go and do it! Don't allow fear stop you. Most of the what-ifs never happen in our lives.


Let me ask you a question….What if starting the business, actually works? What if it is successful? What if God is just waiting for YOU to step out in faith? 








To Your Success, 





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LaGina Love is a marketing professional who enjoys helping others to meet their business, fitness and life goals. LaGina helps people to embrace their inner sparkle so they can manifest the life of their dreams and a business created in love.



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