The Silent Killer

Today I wanted to talk to you about the silent killer. This "thing" causes people to tremble. This thing causes people to try to appear smaller than they are and causes them to live lives that are truly unfulfilling to them. This thing causes people to hope and wish without ever taking any kind of action. This thing causes people to cry at night because they feel as if they can't do anything about it. 


What is this thing?






Fear is something that many people have encountered in their lives; however we never have to live our lives in a perpetual state of fear. In those moments that fear arise you have to allow your FAITH to overpower that fear. 


If you have a fear of being seen as a business owner. YOU have to remember the reason why you wanted to start things in the first place. Also realize that many business owners have felt fear and sometimes still feel fear. I am a complete introvert but I have a thriving business. One reason why is because I did not allow fear to control me. 


Many times people have fear when they get a negative report from the doctor. Well God says that you are healed. Who will you believe? 


There are things to counteract every fear. So know that every successful person has felt fear about something but it is what they did next that determined what happened in their lives. Make a wise decision to not allow fear to dictate your life. You were born for more.YOUR TIME IS NOW! The world is watching.The world is ready for you. 




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