I have just completed 21 days of prayer and fasting. It is something about that time that truly opens up the hearts of people who are fasting. God definitely speaks during that time. God is always speaking; however, our lives are filled with so much other noise at times that it can become difficult to hear God’s voice. During my fasting time, I only had conversations with my parents, two of my spiritual mentors, and business clients. Also, during this time someone decided to delete my Instagram, right before I was scheduled to start my show. I guess they wanted to cancel me but you cant cancel The Called! So, I had to start my entire Instagram over. YOu can find me on Instagram at Iamlaginalove So, I was contemplating pushing back the show but I could hear God saying, that I have done incredible things with a whole lot less. Even though I did not have much of an Instagram page, everyone I have asked to be a part of my show has said YES!I stayed off social media during the fast because most people on social media aren’t talking about much anyway.

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I started with writing. I stopped doing the writing when I moved forward with consulting for luxury brands. This year, my passion for writing was ignited again. It is my desire to use every gift God has given me. I wanted to write more for this first post; however, my beautiful cat wants to play.

God has changed my life. I am not a self-made anything. God has done it all….

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